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Business & Organizational Advisory Services

We help businesses create, accept, and utilize cryptocurrency tokens to improve and grow their business operations. Whether you’re looking to incorporate blockchain into your current business model or a blockchain business needing an extra level of support and specific services, our team of experts and network of partnerships can ensure you meet your business goals in alignment with the overarching business strategy.

Services include:


  • Business tokenization

  • Token launches

  • Token Development

  • Fundraising


Crypto Payment & Custody Solutions

  • Cryptocurrency payment portal establishment

  • Custody providers

  • Crypto onboarding and exchange partnerships

  • Crypto security


Project Management

  • Crypto-focused project management

  • Blockchain use in logistics and supply chain

  • Internal blockchain technology development

  • Recruitment

  • Budget planning & oversight



  • Digital Media & Design

  • Content creation, blog posts, whitepapers, roadmaps

  • Community Management (telegram, discord, etc.)

  • Social Media Management

  • Influencer Campaigns

Legal & Regulatory

  • Crypto Tax Implications and access to crypto CPAs

  • Legal and Regulatory Support

Non-profits, Charities & Charitable Giving

Are you a non-profit or a charity? We specialize in helping good causes maximize their impact through cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. This includes:


  • Philanthropic outreach and donation portal creation

  • External messaging and fundraising support

  • High-yield endowments and passive income streams

  • Blockchain technology for scientific research and data generation 



All levels and sizes of mining operation support. Explore feasibility, cost-analysis, and optimization of your mining operation with your consultant. All the backend support you need to run a successful blockchain consensus


  • Large scale mining operations

  • Hosting site resources and operational buildout

  • Access our vast network of crypto mining resources.

  • Containerized solutions available

  • Learn about mining and how to start your own crypto mining operation

  • Learn about the risk factors when crypto mining and how to prevent obstacles and downtime.


Token Development

We are one of the only cryptocurrency consultancies that have the capability to steward a token development project the entire way – from its creation as a concept, to its launch onto the free market and beyond.


As your guides in token creation, we can help you:


  • Define use case models

  • Form a business plan

  • Identify the appropriate ecosystem and strategy for your token

  • Develop a roadmap

  • Draft a white paper

  • Build a website and interface app

  • Roadmap execution- product and project management

  • Access blockchain and smart-contract development resources


Tap our vast network of partnerships to support the development and deployment of a successful token project, including: 


  • Legal/regulatory support

  • Marketing

  • Fundraising

  • Accounting

  • Technical infrastructure


And more!  

Your one-stop shop for all things crypto.

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