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We offer a wide range of services and support for investors of all levels in the crypto investment space.


General Crypto & Blockchain Education

New to crypto? We’ve got everything you need. Our efficient, personalized training sessions will get you comfortable with the basics, including wallets, exchanges, and general blockchain principles. It’s never too early, or too late, to lean on the expert advice of a CryptoConsultz consultant.​

Our basic training is simple, clear, and easy to follow, and we’ll be there with you the whole time. 

Topics include:

  • Basics of blockchain and how to interface with the technology.

  • What is cryptocurrency?

  • Exchanges- how to use them and how to break free from them.

  • Wallet generation, hot wallets & cold storage solutions.

Portfolio Management 

Let’s grow together! We will start with an analysis of your current portfolio, and then compare it to a projection based on your targets, values, and risk tolerance to help you get to where you want to go!

  • Full evaluation of your current holdings and a personalized plan that meets your specific needs.

  • On-demand feedback and counsel to support your ongoing investment efforts. Have a question? Just reach out!

  • Curious about a specific project, protocol, or token offering? We provide deep-dive research and token reports that can help you make your decisions with confidence.

Advanced Crypto Trading Skills

For our more advanced clients, we can help you in your ongoing acquisition of interface and blockchain skills! Navigate the rapidly changing crypto world with a trusted partner guiding you and elevating your skill set.

Learn everything you need to become an independent and confident crypto investor, including:

  • Tokenomics models and advanced token evaluation

  • Advanced investment strategies such as staking, liquidity pools, lending, etc.

  • Blockchain idiosyncrasies and how to evaluate layer-1 platforms for long-term investment

  • NFT analysis, purchasing, and trading

  • IDO participation and platform evaluation

  • And much more!

Crypto Security, Cold Storage and Wallet Management

Learn how to be your own bank and take custody over your investment allowing for full access of funds. Minimize the risk of making pricey mistakes while transacting in the crypto markets.

Our industry-leading approach begins with a thorough evaluation of your current risk level. Our in-house crypto security specialist will conduct an in-depth assessment of your current situation and provide you with all the guidance and tools you need to get as hacker-proof as possible.

  • We offer customized crypto security plans that minimize risk for anyone investing in the high-risk crypto market.

  • Want to learn about cold storage options? We can support you the whole way as you transition your crypto from hot wallets and exchanges to cold storage for the ultimate level of protection from hackers.

  • Access the best cold storage devices, seed phrase management systems, and other essential programs to protect your crypto investments.

  • We offer comprehensive best practices around estate and custody planning in the event you are incapable of accessing your funds.

  • Learn how to create and store backups to your crypto cold storage devices.

Crypto Fraud Evaluations

Have you been a victim of crypto fraud or a scam?  We're here to help. At CryptoConsultz we have experts with extensive experience in fraud investigations.  

Our consultants and crypto attorney will help guide you through this most difficult time.


Our introductory assessments include the following:

  • 15 minute intake session

  • 15 minute consultation with our crypto attorney

  • Up to two hours of research: wallet analysis, deep and dark web searches, global sanctions and watch list searches and open media search

  • A summary of our findings provided to you over email.

  • Guidance on next steps to pursue resolution.

  • 15 minute consultation to discuss findings and next steps.

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