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Introductory Call

We offer a complimentary 15 minute introductory call for businesses where we’ll match you with one of our expert consultants based on your needs.  The purpose of this call is for a brief introduction to our services and to give us the opportunity to learn more about your business goals. Your consultant will then make a recommendation as to the scope and length of your discovery phase.

Discovery Phase

The discovery phase will be tailored to each business with the goal of defining the scope, estimating budgets and timelines. We’ll coordinate a team of consultants and advisors for the discovery phase where we’ll take a deeper dive into your business goals and start discussions around use case, tokenomics, etc. We want you to be confident in our team and the discovery phase allows you to work with us and build confidence in our work before you make a longer term commitment.


You have the option of purchasing single sessions for the discovery phase or can take advantage of discounted rates with our CryptoConsultz business consulting packages.

Single Sessions

30 minutes - $490

60 minutes - $650

Multi-Session Packages

We’ve got a variety of multi-session packages at discounted rates. Find a package that best meets your needs and save.  Packages are valid for 6 months and can be used in increments of 30 minutes. Spend as little or as much time with your consulting team as you need.

5 session package = $2,425

$485/hr - $825 savings

10 session package = $4,500

$450/hr - $2,000 Saving

Project Proposals

At the end of the discovery phase, you’ll be presented with a project proposal which will include a roadmap, timelines, deliverables and scope. We’ll outline services, resource requirements and estimated costs. Costs will vary depending on the scope of the project. Project proposals typically include a discounted rate on consulting/advisory services but require a longer term commitment.

Group Sessions

Looking to get your whole team up to speed on a particular topic?  We offer group courses for both home and business. We’ll tailor your course to the educational needs of your unique audience.  No topic is off limits! Contact us for a quote on a group session.


  • Access the best free resources through recommendations from our team of crypto experts.

  • Receive our monthly CryptoConsultz newsletter to keep up to date on the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency markets, learn about the latest in new token opportunities and stay up to date with the best security practices.

  • Learn the safest, most secure products, platforms and services to utilize when incorporating crypto and blockchain into your business model.

  • Tap our massive network of resources for specialized advice on topics like crypto tax planning, legal and regulatory guidance, and more!

Let’s Work Together

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