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Hannah Amparo

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Hannah Amparo

Executive Assistant

Meet Hannah, a dynamic professional with three years of multifaceted experience in customer service, admin assistance, social media management, and digital advertising.

With a strong foundation in providing exceptional customer service, Hannah has honed the art of communication and problem-solving, ensuring client satisfaction in various industries. She seamlessly transitioned into administrative roles, showcasing organizational prowess and attention to detail while handling diverse tasks efficiently.

Hannah also boasts a wealth of experience in the digital realm, having successfully managed social media platforms and crafted effective digital advertising campaigns. She understands the nuances of online engagement, leveraging social media to build brand presence and engaging content. In digital advertising, Hannah has demonstrated a keen understanding of market trends, contributing to successful campaigns that drive results.

As Hannah continues to evolve professionally, she remains passionate about leveraging her diverse skill set to contribute to the success of projects and teams. With a track record of excellence across customer service, admin assistance, social media management, and digital advertising, Hannah is poised to make a significant impact in any dynamic and forward-thinking work environment.

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