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Raina Casbon

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Raina Casbon

Crypto Education Lead

Raina's journey into the world of digital assets began in 2016 when she discovered the transformative power of Bitcoin. With over 25 years of experience in business development and customer relationship management, she chose to embark on a new path, inspired by the potential in business solutions supporting this new asset class.

In 2018, Raina co-founded a crypto accounting startup, where she played a pivotal role in achieving milestones, including $1MM in ARR, a successful seed raise, and an acquisition in August 2023. Her unique blend of business acumen and sales expertise has been instrumental in her success in the crypto space.

Raina is not just a passive observer of the crypto world; she is deeply immersed in various bitcoin and digital assets events and communities. Her commitment to filling educational gaps and backing real-world solutions for the digital asset space is unwavering.


Bitcoin self-custody

Digital asset trading strategy

Cryptocurrency payments & accounting software

Customer Relationship Management

Networking & Business Development

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