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Nicole DeCicco



Casson Trenor


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Alexander Aginsky


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Mark Ghatan



Kyle Mertens

Community Management

Kyle supports CryptoConsultz and its community. He's a Central Washington Graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management. He's knowledgeable in community management, Esports, gaming, cryptocurrency, blockchain mining, and finance.

Kyle has experience in event management, talent management, and role development. Modern day renaissance man and a great asset to our team!


Nicole found a passion for blockchain technology as a crypto enthusiast and Ethereum miner in late 2015. She turned her hobby into her career, as she transitioned from nearly two decades in healthcare enterprise to launch CryptoConsultz in 2017. She is passionate about making blockchain and crypto accessible to all and advocates for mass adoption of cryptographic technologies.

Nicole has worked for a variety of companies in the blockchain space including Cold Storage Coins, Graft, Token Forum, Noteworthy and Healing Token. She's been featured in numerous media outlets, conferences, and podcasts including CNN, CNBC, Time Magazine, & Business Insider.


  • Crypto & blockchain security

  • Wallet management, design & interface

  • Cold storage

  • Project management

  • Strategic partnerships

  • Team facilitation

  • Process improvement


Casson has spent nearly twenty years working to drive conservation impact and protect our environment. He's been active in the blockchain space since 2016, and strongly believes that cryptocurrency can empower the great causes of the world to an unprecedented level when used responsibly.

Casson has received numerous accolades for his work, including TIME Magazine's "Hero of the Environment" award and a Congressional Commendation from the United States House of Representatives.


  • Crypto philanthropy and charitable giving

  • On-chain fundraising & connections to real-world impact

  • Activation of web3 communities / NFT groups around good causes

  • Organizational onboarding, crypto interface design, and messaging for non-profits

  • Project analysis & risk management


Alex Aginsky is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and seasoned executive with decades of experience in FinTech, alternative asset investment structures, commercial real estate, and cross-border M&A.

Mr. Aginsky always has multiple ventures under his management at any one time, the last of which was a unique commercial real estate crowdfunding platform. He has previously managed a complex commercial real estate portfolio of assets for global investors including the development of two major hotels.


Prior to that, Mr. Aginsky advised high-profile private companies in the U.S. and abroad concerning multi-million dollar debt and equity financing, mergers and acquisitions, new market entries and other cross-border business transactions. Mr. Aginsky holds an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management and is a graduate of the OPM Program at Harvard Business School.


Mark is a seasoned lawyer and entrepreneur, with experience advising businesses in a variety of industries, including high risk sectors ranging from cryptocurrency/blockchain to gambling and cannabis ventures. As a Partner at Cogent Law Group and Director of Investigations at Polaris Corporate Risk, Mark has helped countless business navigate the sea of risks in an ever-evolving regulatory landscape.

Mark is adept in helping companies grow from an idea to market leader; guiding them through incorporation, fundraising, negotiating transactions, protecting intellectual property, and exit. As a compliance expert, Mark has helped build programs from the ground up, and has led thousands of internal and external investigations ferreting fraud, money laundering, misconduct, and more.

Mark’s passion is working with startups to help entrepreneurs make their dreams become reality, especially in cutting edge industries where there are no easy answers to problems that need fixing.

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