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Crypto Incident Analysis

Have you been a victim of crypto fraud or a scam?  We're here to help.

We know how painful a financial crime like a scam can be. CryptoConsultz was founded under the belief that cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies should be accessible to all levels of investors. However, with any new and rapidly growing industry, there will inevitably be bad actors looking to take advantage of unsuspecting investors.

This service provides a thorough analysis of cryptocurrency scams. The analysis includes an analysis of the company or individual behind the scam, a review of their website and promotional materials, and a examination of any red flags or warning signs. The end result is a detailed report that outlines the findings and provides a clear and concise document for law enforcement. should you choose to pursue further.

What To Expect

You're probably asking yourself what value there is in performing such an analysis then? It's twofold.


First, we help you minimize your risk of further loss. Often these scammers will request more investment in order to "unlock" your funds.

Secondly, it's imperative you report this to law enforcement. Their threshold for a full investigation is very high and is based on the amount you invested not the total value of the account to date. Your best chance at recovery is by providing law enforcement with as much information as possible. Our services will give you a better chance that your case might be tied to another case (that meets the threshold) or a ring of cases through any small tidbit of information we are able to find for you (wallet addresses, company registrations, associated people or companies, etc.)

We pride ourselves here at CryptoConsultz on transparency and ethical practices in the cryptocurrency industry. We'd again caution you against anyone or any company that will make claims that contradict what is mentioned above. If they are willing to work with you without payment there's likely an ulterior motive.

How The Service Works

You will start by purchasing our crypto incident analysis package which includes the following:

Step 1

15 minute intake session to prepare you for the form submission


15 minute consultation with our crypto attorney


Our Crypto Attorney conducts up to 2 hours of research involving:

  • Wallet analysis

  • Dark web searches

  • Global sanctions and watch list searches

  • Open media search

  • and more...


A summary of our findings provided to you over email.


15 minute consultation to discuss findings and next steps.

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